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Ways to Properly Mount Mirror Installations

Surprisingly, a lot of homeowners overlook mirror installation as a great option for home improvement. Apart from being a necessity in areas like the bedroom and bathroom, mirrors add to the aesthetics of other rooms in the house by adding beauty and making the place seem bigger than it is. Below is a brief list of creative ways to use mirrors alongside primers and techniques that homeowners can do themselves or ask firms that offer mirror installation NYC or any location.

Mirrors Aren’t Made Solely for Bathrooms

Like mentioned earlier, each home strives to improve its quality and it can be in the form of full-length mirrors in certain rooms or mirrors over bathroom sinks. Once these basics are covered, mirrors can also be added to the areas listed below:

? Hallways – great locations for mirrors, especially for those with hallways that are a bit dark and narrow. What the mirror does is make the place appear larger and if the mirror is installed just right, reflect of light from the adjoining halls can lit the rooms better.
? Kids’ room – just because it’s a kids’ room doesn’t mean mirrors can’t be installed. Small mirrors accessible to small children can be as entertaining for them as watching cartoons on a weekend morning. Some parents also advised that installing mirrors right next to the changing table can be helpful since simply looking into the child’s reflection greatly reduces the dread of changing diapers.
? Entryways – placing mirrors on entryways add a classy look to the area, especially when the mirror is installed right above a small table. In addition to that, it’s a great place to look at your appearance before heading out.

Lastly, while these mirrors are convenient for making humble rooms seem bigger than the reality and getting a last look at your getup, mirrors also offer other benefits. Chat with interior designers or architects regarding where mirrors can be placed in order to distribute natural light all throughout the house. You may be surprised at how different a house may look like with just a few strategically placed mirrors.

Procedures for Mirror Installation

Once you’ve finalized where exactly you want the mirrors to be installed, next is deciding how exactly the owner wants to mount it. Mirror installation involves two common methods, each offering its own benefits and drawbacks.
? Bracket installation – this type of installation involves placing the mirror on the area with the help of four brackets secured on the wall. Compared to adhesive installation, bracket installation won’t appear as seamless. A plus side is that the mirror can be removed and placed somewhere else when you decide on a renovation.
? Adhesive installation – as the name states, a glue or adhesive is applied at the back of the mirror and it is then placed directly on the wall. Out of all the installation procedures, adhesive installation is the most attractive since there aren’t brackets sticking out and distracting the people from the reflection or the mirror itself. Do take note however that this is a permanent type of installation. Removing the mirror is no easy task and will likely result in a damaged wall.

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