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The Advantages Of Using Compression Sleeves

If you want to have a stretchable and an elastic garment that you can use for your legs and your arms, then you must get you a compression sleeves. If you have cases of lymphedema, then compression sleeves can address this problem of yours. It is these garments that you can also use for sports and exercise.

When it comes to the medical field, there are a lot of uses for this garment. But one of the most popular is to control the swelling brought about by lymphedema. For women that has been undergoing treatment for breast cancer, this is where the condition mostly occurs. The accumulation of lymphatic fluids around the arms happens during this period. This because it is the lymph nodes under the armpits that the cancer cells are attacking. It is the inability to drain the fluids that make the surrounding area to swell. Another cause of lymphedema can also be brought about by surgery, infection or radiation therapy. It is important for you to know though that there is still no cure for the disorder but it can be controlled by using compression sleeves.

The moment that lymphedema is diagnosed, the physician will right there and then prescribed the use of compression sleeves. Every patient should have their very own custom fitted compression sleeve as it is crucial to provide the right amount of compression to the affected area. The right amount of pressure will make sure that the swelling will decrease. Having a very tight sleeve can restrict the blood flow thus should not be used. Of you have diabetes, hypertension and blood clots you will not be allowed to use compression sleeves.

It is important that these compression sleeves are only worn when the patient is awake. You should avoid the sleeves getting wet. The moment that these garments get wet, they can cause skin irritation. During physical activities, these sleeves should be worn at all time. You have to make sure that the skin should be moisturized all the time. Dry the skin thoroughly before putting the sleeves on.

Two sleeves are needed for you to have an alternate. You can watch these garments using mild soap and lukewarm water. These garments should also be replaced twice a year to maintain its pressure. There are a variety of different colors for your preference. If you have swollen hands, compression gloves can also be used.

Compression sleeves can also be used for athletes that have swollen legs. Provide better blood circulation, flexibility and it also enhances the performance of the athletes are just some of the benefits that athletes can get from these games. This garments is commonly used by basketball players and soccer players.