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Your Guide to Cooking Bacon on an Electric Smoker

Bacon has been the old-time favorite of all for breakfast. Its juiciness, tenderness, crispness and tastefulness put together is enough to make your crazy. While pan-frying is the usually know way of preparing your morning bacon, you will learn right from this article a new and different way to cook it so it reaches a whole new level of flavor and makes you have a whole new level of eating experience. Plunge into reading if you want to learn right here the best way to cook bacon – using an electric smoker.

Your Guide to Cooking Bacon on an Electric Smoker

1. Beware of Over-Smoking Your Bacon

The usual thing people know is that the longer the meat stays on the smoker, the tastier it becomes. But when smoking bacon in an electric smoker, you’ve got to follow a different way. The truth of the matter is that it takes little smoker to bring all those good bacon flavors out. It is important to watch over the smoking process because the moment you don’t, you may overcook the bacon strips. You will not like to eat your bacon if it gets overcooked. You should abide with the temperature stated in the recipe to make it most tasteful.

2. Pre-Season the Smoker

Another great thing to do to ensure your vegetables and meats are at this best is to put seasoning onto your smoking unit before you put it into use for your prepared bacon. You will find this process to be really simple and quick. The electric smoker just needs to be heat up for about three hours. After heating up the electric smoker, pour some wood chips onto the tray in exactly the second hour of your heating. When the smoker begins to produce smoke, that’s it. You have to turn off the heat and then allow the smoker to cool down next. This is the time that you can start smoking your bacon.

3. Carefully Choose Your Wood

Smoking is such a delicate cooking process if you do it on bacon. Picking the best and the right wood can help make the smoking work. An apple wood is basically the best wood for smoking bacon. The mesquite will also pull off the job. This kind of wood allows you to retain the heat successfully. Due to the fact that these two kinds of wood are long lasting, they can effectively bring out the best taste out of your smoked bacon. To make the wood really work, be sure to soak them to water before using. Doing this can provide you with the assurance that the heat while cooking will be in the same and constant temperature, assuring of an evenly-cooked bacon.

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