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A Step-By-Step Guide on Wedding Planning Timeline

Proper planning for a wedding is all you need to make the event memorable. Immediately after getting engaged, it is now time for you to start planning to know when you need to have the wedding ready. Hence, for you to manage with the wedding planning, a timeline is required. It is important for the plan to have a checklist to ensure everything is in order. Hence, here is the best ever wedding planning timeline which you need to have in mind and it is the best since it has come from experts.

Planning for the wedding, you need to spend time with the fianc? fifteen months before the wedding to know each other well. You have to introduce the fianc? to the family and friends too. If time goes and it is now about a year before the actual event, you need to reserve a venue and also a caterer is key. Make sure you are making the correct choice here for you to avoid being disappointed in the future. Ten months before the wedding, you need to choose on your color and the entire things which you will have to consider for the wedding dressing.

Remember also to book for guests’ rooms before everything gets late and you should do it eight months before the wedding date. Make sure you are sending the dates and appointments for everyone to know about the wedding. In terms of flowering, get to meet with the florist during this time. Six months before, it is now time for you to start thinking about hiring an officiant for the wedding. Make sure you also know about the necessary rental items for you to hire. Also, it is during this time when you have to plan about the honeymoon.

Food planning finalization need to be done four months before the date set for your wedding. This is the time when you have to make sure you are choosing the favorite wedding cake. The attire to wear and also every makeups finalization needs to be done at this stage and wedding bands will also be necessary. With only two months remaining, photobooth planning is what you need to have in mind. Only one month is remaining now and this is the time for you to plan for the entertainment.

On the final week, you have to get someone to assist you to focus on the important things which are remaining. Make sure you are practicing the vows well to avoid tension. The last night and the morning, you have to eat well also. This is a plan which will have to assure you that everything is in order.

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