Creating a Home Gym: Why Starting With the Basics Makes Sense

Many people say they would work out more often if they didn’t have to drive to a health club. It’s true that quite a few people set up home gyms and use them at least three or four times a week. Others simply create space that needs to be dusted and vacuumed from time to time. In order to ensure that the home gym turns out to be useful space, it helps to start small and add to it as the need arises. Here are some tips to consider.

No Machines at First

A rookie mistake with setting up a home gym is to invest in expensive machines without having any practical experience with them. In order to get things rolling, focus on stocking part of the space with workout equipment other than machines. Things like jump ropes, free weights, and benches for sit-ups are some examples to keep in mind.

Starting with no machines offers a couple of key benefits. First, the financial investment is limited. Should the individual decide to abandon the idea of working out regularly, it’s easy enough to pack away those smaller things and use the room for something else.A second benefit is that those simple resources are easy to master and will help build confidence. That’s important, since people do tend to feel overwhelmed by the machines if they have never used them before. With a little more confidence, those machines will seem less intimidating and the odds of them actually being used is higher.

Choosing That First Machine

Assuming the individual gets into the habit of regular exercise, it’s time to think about a machine that can help tone muscles and build mass. There are machines designed to help tone the glutes, the abdominals, the legs, the chest, and the arms. Something along those lines saves space and still provides a work that addresses every area of the body.

Try such a machine at a local gym. Get an expert to demonstrate different exercises. That makes it easier to choose a design that will take the home workout to the next level.

There’s more tips on home gym creation found at Take a look today and use those ideas as inspiration. The right plan for working out at home could mean feeling and looking better in a matter of months.